Anchon WH36, daylight at depth.

I don’t often feel inferior underwater, but after witnessing the clout of Michael’s recently purchased Archon WH36 torch, I knew I had to have one to restore my easily damaged feeling of superiority. Now that I have one, I am God. I can turn night into day and should I feel the urge for an underwater disco, I flick on the strobe and move rhythmically to the beat in my head. This can scare my fellow divers into thinking they are going to need to perform an in-water rescue. Good to keep them on their toes.

ImageThe Archon WH36 is an awesome, super bright, compact and light powerhouse of a torch with one small downside… and that is it comes supplied with a charger that only fits one battery at a time (there are three batteries), and it has a European plug. Before you stop reading, the plus sides of this torch totally make up for this.

It is 3000 lumens. That’s so much, that many, many years in the future, in an area of space a long, long way away, they’ll be talking about the Archon WH36 as the antecedent to the creation of a visually impressive weapon that every child alien wants. 

It has 3.5 hours burn time on full power, 7 hours on half power (makes sense), 5 hours of disco time. That’s so much, that many, many years in the future, we’ll be able to travel to that area of space a long, long way away and still have charge left in the batteries.

It is light, at only 1300 grams with batteries, which translates to 1.3kg, or 2.86601 pounds, or 45.8562 ounces… doesn’t really matter in space.

The battery canister is slim and compact, so it can be tucked away neatly. It also fits nicely in the hand, should you need it to beat clones wearing cumbersome fancy dress outfits, after blinding them with the immensely powerful torch. 

Now wipe the drool off your chin and give us a call. You know you want one.





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