Top 3 Reasons to Become a Divemaster (From a Non-Divemaster)

It’s a well know running joke in the club. I’m out to set club record for longest Divemaster-In-Training. I had to buy a dive centre to finally earn the right to a snorkel etc. etc. And the question still stands – Will Aileen EVER finish her Divemaster course (watch this space!)

And yet, here I am giving you 3 reasons to do the Divemaster course. Read on…

1. Practice makes perfect – one of the great things about the course, is you get to dive dive dive. When DM-ing, you spend a lot of time helping students out above- and under- water, and hanging in the blue while instructors/students do their thing. This means you learn to prepare for a dive and kit up efficiently,  you perfect your buoyancy, and you build a high level of diving self awareness and awareness of others and your surroundings. I’ve gone down the tech route but can honestly say I couldn’t have progressed as far as I have without those many hours I spent DM-ing.

2. Knowledge is key – you learn what instructors know about diving on the DM-course. How cool is that? This appeals to my geek sensibilities.

3. Key staff member benefits – as a key member of staff, you have access to special supplier deals and promos. Need a drysuit? 30% off thank you very much.

We’ve got a Divemaster induction on the 12th of June. So if any of the above reasons appeal to you (plus Divemaster is by far the best PADI level title), go on and sign-up! If you have any questions or want to talk through the course some more, feel free to call/email or even better catch Maxim, myself or any of the instructors/DMs at club night.



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