The Red Sea- Yeaahhh!


The Red Sea trip with DLL was easily one of the best trips of my life and that is saying a lot. Right from the beginning I had a smile on my face – a giddy schoolboy eyes aglow with the wonders of the world.

The first thing that really made me smile (other than the smell of my excitement – in-joke) was passport control which involved a system of: Next – stamp, Next – stamp, Next – stamp, Next – stamp… Then another person to check the stamp: Stamp? – OK, Stamp? – OK, Stamp? – OK, Stamp? – OK…

We had a bit of a false start with the weather which at first seemed awful, leaving us trapped and isolated. But we quickly realised that we were trapped and isolated on a beautiful yacht under the Egyptian sun. Luckily we only lost one day and more than made up for it over the course of the week.

Once we got going we dived so not only in earnest but in anger. In the 5 days following we managed a staggering 18 dives leaving us all with exhausted smiles on our sunburnt faces.

Highlights include penetrating the Thistlegorm at night with an amazing guide by the name of Abdul, drifting at what felt like 60mph across a beautiful plateau of coral, reaching a depth of 40.5m, my first dive, when I realised that diving conditions could be better than Vobster or Chepstow and that being overwhelmed by the amazing sights around me doesn’t do much in the way of helping air consumption, being attacked by the cutest clown fish when I strayed too close to it’s home, being surrounded by millions of fish and then there was the dolphins, which came and played with us underwater… need I say more?

Also, I mustn’t fail to mention the boat and crew which were amazing. Always on hand to help and feeding us some incredibly tasty food, they turned the trip into a 4 star experience.

I plan on going back as many times as I can with DLL and I would recommend you all give it a go.