DLL trips for 2013!

First of all, sorry for the radio silence on the DLL blog over the last few weeks. Since Christmas when we thought we’d be quiet we’ve ended up juggling tec centre stuff, a potential Course Director application, a full Red Sea trip and the joy of being without a van. Somehow we’re in March which is slightly scary although not as scary as the fact that it is still snowing outside. Given that the UK seems to have decided to plunge itself into a permanent winter (I always enjoy keeping an eye out for articles written by Jeremy Clarkson style dullards about how one cold winter in London makes a nonsense of decades of global scientific data on global warming) it seemed like the right time to finally get a handle on two of our upcoming trips:




First up on the overseas trips is our traditional yearly trip to Malta fondly know as Maltfest! Malta is an absolutely fantastic diving destination and less than 3 hours from the UK. It has incredibly clear and blue water and a real variety of dive sites from shallow reefs and beautiful archways to amazing wrecks and caves. The diving in Malta is accessible to all levels of diver from newly qualified open water divers all the way to avid teccies. Add to that the joys of Huggins pub and Avenue for food and you’re set for a great fun, great value long weekend!


The cost of this trip is £189 for 7 dives. There are a range of accommodation of options for all budgets.


Divers on the wreck of the p31 at Comino

Divers on the wreck of the p31 at Comino



Post match analysis at Huggins pub



The next trip is Croatia following on from the incredibly successful trip we ran last year. Croatia is an amazing tec divers dream. There are hundreds of beautiful pristine wrecks in the 40-60m mark, all incredibly well preserved. The sea conditions are perfect, warm, great viz and very few currents for those longer hangs! On top of that Croatia is still very good value and can be reached from a number of different airports.


We were very lucky last year to discover a brilliant little tec diving centre in a tiny village called krnica. This year we’re returning to really see the benefit of doing some extended tec dives on wrecks like the Vis and the Lina. This is going to be DLLs first ‘official’ tec trip and as such we’re starting as we mean to go on. That means group dive planning sessions and discussions to help you dive confidently and relax and enjoy all the dives as much as possible.


This is also the first part of  ‘Project Apsyrtus’ a 3 year plan to explore the wrecks of the Kvaner bay region culminating in the exploration of some unknown wrecks in the area. As such each step of the way we’ll be increasing the depth and experience of the team. This particular trip is aimed at the tec45 and 50 level so any divers with a tec 40 or entry level qualification can look to come along and carry on their tec journey.


The cost of this trip will be 420 euros for all diving and accommodation.


the Lina

The impressive bow of the Lina before she slopes away to 50m


The view from the dive centre


DLL vs Krnica

DLL takes on Krnica. Mike Coopey is still a local legend.


So there we go, two brilliant trips coming up soon. Please drop us a line if you have any questions or if you’d like to join us!