Day 7: Marketing Presentations

This day was all about presentations. This was fortunate as I woke up in the morning with a raging head ache feeling really unwell. I’d basically got really dehydrated at open water the previous day and I just couldn’t seem to drink enough water during the morning. We started the day in the main conference room where each team had to deliver their marketing presentation. Dave began with a short comedy intro with various pictures of the staff implying that James was downtrodden at work and looking for a change. It was excellent and very well received; we then followed up with me telling James that our plan was essentially to come to him. Unfortunately our presentation was a bit disjointed and we didn’t get much branding or our Facebook page up on the projector. Other teams gave much slicker presentations but I still felt that we were the only ones to actually come up with a different strategy. Unfortunately due to the headache I wasn’t in the best of moods and the morning was pretty difficult to get through.

Punta Cana Resort

Punta Cana Resort

In the afternoon we had to deliver an instructor level presentation again. Fiona Fishbourne was evaluating us and she was really great, relaxing everyone and making it fun. After that I headed over to the main conference room to do my Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor course which was run by Alan. It was very informative and also, thankfully, pretty brief!

In the evening it was a huge relief to not have to do any marketing stuff so Jen and I headed over to another part of the resort called Playa Blanca. The service was much better here and we had a lovely evening.


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