Day 4 and 5: Presentations, presentations. And some descent tips too!

A day of lectures today followed by our first knowledge development presentations in the afternoon. We had another excellent presentation from James Morgan about social media, a lot of the stuff we’re already doing especially following on from the business academy I did last year but there were a lot of great tips. After an amazing lunch at a beautiful location on the beach we had our first presentations.

The view at lunch

The view at lunch

Our group was set up in one of the hotel rooms which was a little cramped and also had hot water unlike many of the other rooms! There was a lot of tension in the air because for many of us, despite delivering this type of presentation on a regular basis this was the first time being evaluated for a very long time! My topic was from Divemaster about DSDs in open water. I diced with a score of one by using a boltsnap as my promoted piece of dive equipment which I had on my belt loop. I drew attention to it with the line ‘I notice some of you are interested in what’s hanging from my shorts’. Fortunately the examiner had a sense of humour and I scored a 5.

One of our fellow candidates then gave a full presentation about wreck diving in Flemish which was brilliant as you were almost able to score him just by following the structure, tone of voice and the fact that wreck is wrak in Flemish.

We had a chilled night as the next day we were heading to open water.

A lot of CDTC candidates

A lot of CDTC candidates!

This morning we met at the dive centre at 8. Imagine the faff of trying to transport 42 CD candidates on 2 boats to a dive site. There was a lot of the requisite faff before we all boarded the boats and headed out into some rather sizeable swell. After a lot of rolling around on the boat we finally got in. Our task was to evaluate the examiners as they took us through a descent and an underwater tour. For the instructors reading, they are really putting a huge amount of emphasis on supervision during try dives and open water training dives. This is because statistically most diving instances in training are actually happening during the tour portion of the dive. They are now saying that you should be swimming on your back or hovering above your students whilst leading them.

The Greengos!

The Greengos!

We had fun swimming around playing naughty students before we headed back in for a debrief. My evaluation score was out on a couple of areas because I was a little too harsh. I was reasonably confident but James clarified some areas of scoring and suddenly it just clicks. Afterwards we had a big buffet lunch on the beach. I’m really trying not to eat too much but it’s kind of impossible with such good food in massive amounts.

Man love

After the lunch we had to deliver our instructor teaching presentations. This follows the same structure as a standard prescriptive knowledge development presentation (sorry for the jargon non-instructors) but this time you actually have to present at large portion of the IDC curriculum so the presentation can go on for some time. I managed to work, Downton Abbey, Will Ferrell and the boltsnap into my presentation again and managed another 5.

Anyway, I’m just finishing my cuba libre before heading over to the bar to convince my fellow team mates to follow my marketing plan. Can’t say too much here in case of spying but if we go ahead it will be sink or swim!


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