Day Three: It’s the Apprentice

Another early start, but with eggs over easy and a giant pile of American style bacon as you look across the palm trees to the beach and it’s not long before life feels good! This morning we had an evaluation workshop on knowledge development presentations. It’s something I feel pretty comfortable with but a few interesting tips came out including the fact that as instructors we don’t necessarily need to do the ‘An interesting thing that once happened to me….’ Part of the presentation any more. After lunch we  came back to an excellent and inspiring marketing presentation by James Morgan. This involved an abortive skype call with a dive centre that shows that no one is immune to the vagaries of technology but it was one of those presentations when someone tells you a bunch of really obvious easy stuff that for some reason you don’t do, so it was very useful. We then were told that each group had to pitch an IDC to James and that by the end of the week one of us would be the winner. This led to a group marketing meeting in the evening which I am attempting to divert into a pretty outrageous idea. It’s just like the Apprentice again.  I’ll let you know how that one works out..

Team dinner

Team dinner

After the lecture it was back to the swimming pool for our first full teaching presentations. We had to take it in turns as instructors, students and evaluators whilst the PADI examiners looked on. We then had to compare our evaluation scores with them. As each day goes by I’m really feeling incredibly lucky to be in the group I’m in. I’ll introduce them properly later but special mention must go to Dave from Salt Lake City Utah and Sascha from Switzerland who are rapidly becoming partners in crime. Our team even has a Facebook group now so go and like us as it will help with the marketing competition!

I did pretty well on the evaluation only deviating by one small point where the candidate I was evaluating was marked down by the examiner on his choice of positive reinforcement during the de-brief. I got a 5 for my presentation so felt pretty smug about that.

alex getting evaluated

Me getting evaluated. Yes it is that warm I’m not in a wetsuit

Jen has become the official team photographer and has managed to get a number of great shots from the pool including the one below of me counselling Sascha on his skills….

Role model evaluation

Role model evaluation


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