Day Two: Dom Rep Wraysbury

Yesterday was a big day. We followed a similar setup to the first day with a morning in the classroom and an afternoon in the water. However this time it was our turn to start evaluating. In the morning the staff gave us 3 presentations which we had to evaluate. Just like Tommy Cooper playing the piano badly the presenters gave their presentations deliberately missing things out and obfuscating the subject. Now I think I’m pretty good at evaluation so it was slightly disheartening to practically flunk out completely on the first one. I gave a much higher score than the control one, something I put down to playing good cop to David and his ‘Gates of Lau-Kee’ on recent AIs! However as the presentations went along I eased into it and managed a perfect match on the last one.


The classroom

The classroom

After lunch we had a great presentation on counselling candidates although this also included my worst nightmare of ‘role play’. Fortunately it didn’t take long and we all piled onto a bus to be taken to confined open water. This turned out to be a beach with a breakwater upon which large waves were pounding. We swam out and an interesting skill circuit ensued that began on white sand in blue water and ended like Wraysbury on a Sunday. This very much played to my advantage though so I managed 5s across the board.


Gearing up for confined

The Greengos gear up for confined open water water

Anyway, just a quick one now as it’s back to lectures. I’ll get a fuller update this evening!


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