Course Director day one: The Greengos

Have you seen the first episode of the Apprentice when the 2 respective groups of cretins have to come up with a team name? Well today is the first time I’ve ever had to do that and we had 10 minutes to do it. We began the course in a conference room at 8 this morning and we were instantly put into teams. I found myself in the Green team along with an instructor who works at Phocea Mexico, we met last year called Johan which was a nice surprise. After a short welcome talk by James Morgan every person in  every team had to stand up in turn and introduce themselves. It was faintly mortifying and my weak attempt to crack a joke about only diving in a drysuit was met with blank stares however it was also amazing to see the range of people in the room. After the introductions we had to decide on our team name. Embarrassed silence ensued so I took charge by masterfully suggesting the ‘Sea Team’ to another polite silence. However after a bit of bouncing the word green around someone suggested ‘Greengos’ as in ‘Gringos’ which kind of fit in with the South American thing. For some reason I was then elected as the team spokesperson and had to announce the name to the room however James Morgan had never heard it before, he declared us original and we got 10 points!

After a buffet lunch we went through the knowledge reviews and exams (yes CDs have to do those too) and the instructors amongst you will be relieved to know that the way the top CD examiners do it is exactly the way we all do it!

Rescue workshopRescue workshop

Alan presents the rescue workshop

Fortunately it didn’t take long and we were off to the pool. We had a superb rescue workshop presentation by Alan Jan with some interesting new additions and a great moment where he really laid the smack down on single strand harnesses. After that we had to do the first of our skill circuits. Our team was evaluated by Alan and we had to demo BWRAF, Snorkel/Reg exchange, Mask Removal, Free Flow Regulator and Cesa. I managed 5s on all except BWRAF where I dropped a point for not physically checking the tank was all the way on. After that we practised our rescue demos for a bit before jumping out.

Rescue Demo

I demo rescue with the pocket mask. The perfect way to avoid mouth contact with a beardy man

Rescue Demo2

I score a 5 for being unresponsive

I’m just writing this before heading over to the drinks reception tonight. Tomorrow brings more lectures and the second confined skills workshop before teaching presentations begin properly. It’s been lots of fun, the team I’m in has a group of really great people with no big egos, and I’m Really looking forward to tomorrow!


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