An informative and not at all creepy guide to setting up your stage tank

I’m constantly asked how to set up stage tanks, often interrupted in restaurants and on public transport. Sometimes people shout through the front window of my flat or come up to me at the ambassadors reception. So I thought I’d put together a step by step guide to setting up your stage cylinder.

First of all buy an ali 80 tank. These are the best for their buoyancy characteristics as when full they are only about 1kg negative and when empty only about 1kg positive so they’re nice and easy to handle in the water. Make sure you buy a cool brushed aluminium one or a white one, not a yellow one because then you will get laughed at.

Ali 80

Very nice. Now we need to take our lovely stage out of it’s bag so we can set it up.

mmm shiny

They do look great when they’re new. So smooth and shiny, so nice to touch, in fact..Whats that? You want me to touch you? OK, go on then… Ahem. anyway, as I was saying, now we need to set up the stage rigging kit and …I’m sorry? You want me to make you wear it? Put it on real tight? Um, well OK yes I’d like that too…

Stage kit loose

It’s on but it’s not tight enough, tighten the jubilee clip up, as tight as you can and make the strap taut against the shiny cylinders flank!

Stage kit tight

YES! Now we’re almost there but wait, that’s right, there’s one more piece of the outfit, I mean stage kit to go. We need 2 rubber straps to hold all that junk in place!

Stage Ready

Oh yes…. Make sure those rubber straps go over the strap with the piston clips. You’ll need those to get a grip with later on. Wow, you look fantastic. but there’s just one more thing to go

reg in placereg in place

Aaah yes, your DIN wheel feels so good in my…

What's going on


Back to work


4 responses to “An informative and not at all creepy guide to setting up your stage tank

    • Pros and cons. On outside means you have somewhere to get a hold of the bands with your fingers when stuffing your hoses into the bands. On the inside means you can use the rope as a handle for carrying. Although you shouldn’t really use it as a handle as it can pull the rope through the jubilee clip and move the lower piston clip too close to the cylinder.

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