We support ‘Fair Deal For Your Local’ campaign….Do You?

Whilst we spend a lot of our time underwater, like most UK divers, we also spend a lot of time in the pub. We have a brilliant local ale house called The Eagle and we spend more time there than we’d care to admit to!

Our brilliant local pub The Eagle Ale House

We hold our monthly club nights there, so if you’ve ever been to our club night, you’ve been to The Eagle! We tend to be there every weekend with our diving students after a hard day’s diving. We’ve also competed in their pub quiz on many occasions and Jen once won her body weight in alcohol!

You may be wondering what this has to do with diving. Well, we think that our club and students really enjoy having a friendly pub on our doorstep and we want it to stay that way. Now apologies for my very simple understanding and explanation of what is undoubtedly a complex issue, but basically you may not realise it but The Eagle, along with many other pubs, are owned by a Pub Company. This means that the publicans are tied into buying their beer from their PubCo and unfortunately if the PubCo is bad, they usually pay much more for a barrel of beer then they would if they were free to buy it from who they wanted to.

Unfortunately there’s more bad news. Often the publicans have to rent the flat above the pub from the PubCo. The PubCo sets the rental price and this is usually a lot higher then comparable flats would be on the open rental market!

They are tied in to the PubCo and unfortunately there is no opportunity to opt out. I can’t imagine how awful it must be to work so hard and to not be making the profit you deserve to through no fault of your own. You may have noticed lots of local pubs closing down and sadly it’s normally because they can’t afford to stay in business and that is because of the PubCos.

Now this is where you come in! Finally the government have listened and are looking to reform the PubCos. This is HUGE news. PLEASE add your support by going to the Fair Deal for Your Local website HERE and sign up as a supporter.

There is also a quick 5 min survey to fill in which asks for your opinion on what rules they should look to impose on the PubCos. Please do this before the deadline of 14 June.

Dave and Simon, the publicans at The Eagle, would love to have your support. If you’ve ever enjoyed a ‘cheeky half’ at The Eagle, then now is the time to do your bit and show them how much they mean to us! By spending just 5 mins of your time doing this you could influence the government and do something life changing for them!

For more detailed information check out:



The Eagle Ale House

From the website Fair Deal For Your Local:

The Pubco Model


Is it right that publicans tied to big pub companies can pay above £110 for a barrel of beer, but independent publicans are able to purchase for less than £70?


Is it right that tied licensees are unable to make a reasonable living due to high rents on top of inflated beer prices?


Is it right that the unbalanced relationship between big property companies known as “pubcos” and their licensees is driving up prices in pubs, restricting investment in pubs and ultimately forcing pubs to close?


After nearly a decade of campaigning and failed self-regulation the Government is finally consulting on the unfair unbalanced relationship between pubcos and their licensees. Now is the time to speak up and get a Fair Deal for Your Local.


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