Vicky starts work!

We’re very pleased to announce that Vicky Brown is now working for DLL full time as the shop manager. She’ll be heading up all the recreational diving and day to day stuff in the shop. Most of you will have hopefully met her before but if not be sure to come along and say hello at the next clubnight on May 7th!


Vicky realises the terms of the working agreement are slightly harsher than anticipated

Ahoy There Matey!

I would like to announce that I am onboard and at the ready as the newest member of the DLL ship. I have taught for years during transient periods in the UK between jaunts across the globe, so won’t be an unfamiliar face to lots of the divers of DLL.

Having learnt that all that glitters is not gold, I am now back in the UK with my trainer-clad feet firmly planted on the ground, and my thoughts drifting below the deep-green waters of our mysterious coastal waters.

I cannot wait for the season to fully kick off, and the recent tropical sunshine is a welcome break from the icicle cold of Wraysbury that we have endured well into spring due to the unending winter.

Despite the incessant chill, I did have one of my all time best dives the other day in my favourite little lake just outside London when a cool dude student and I went perusing the crystal clear waters by the tunnels. When we arrived at the VW Camper the infamous pike was captaining his underwater car, hanging out in the most tranquil manner, unfazed by the presence of divers.

UK diving is a great love of mine and the waters surrounding these islands are an exciting unexplored paradise that with the right attitude, and dry-suit, rival most dive sites in warmer climates: wrecks ahoy, and reefs with thousands of splendid jewel-like anemones, in the brightest, happiest colours. And, of course, bacon sandwiches.

So now is the time to come out of hibernation, and come diving with me in the sunshine. Or if you’re still not quite sure you can face the cold, come drop by the shop for tea.

Happy diving.  Vicky


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