Get What You WANT For Christmas. Or I’m dreaming of a Whites Christmas….

As we get older Christmas presents become more difficult to get right. Gone are the days when Christmas lists extended over 2 pieces of A4 meticulously denoting the precise Action Force figure or plastic dog that does a luminous green poo (a genuine present that fascinated my niece last year) we require. Often when asked what we want for Christmas, we panic and all the things we do want are instantly forgotten. The upshoot of this is Amazon vouchers and socks. Both of which are useful but not exactly inspiring.

So this year, get what you want for Christmas and let us sort it out for you. We all know that the world of diving is populated by shiny but expensive gadgets all of which we desire but cannot always exactly justify so this year why not get your loved ones to buy or contribute towards that awesome bit of kit you’ve had your eye on.

The set up is simple. Simply let us know what you want by emailing us with the item(s) in question and we’ll hold the list here. Then all you need to do is forward the following picture onto your friends and family and they can phone up and buy them for you. Whether it’s a number of small items or one big one then we can split the item out for them.

Christmas Wishlist Poster

Christmas Wishlist. Simply download and forward onto your friends.

For example if you wanted a Whites Fusion drysuit  this retails for £949. However we can split the drysuit into bitesize purchases:

Cost breakdown for a Whites suit

Cost breakdown for a Whites suit

That way you’ll have the pleasure of knowing exactly which friend or family member is keeping which bit of you dry at any one time (I’ve purposefully left the crotch out).

We can of course set this up for any item of kit. We have accounts with pretty much all the suppliers so whether you want a new BCD, regs or computer or just want to get some new gloves and other small bits it’s entirely up to you!

Here are some ideas for some cool stuff to get you going:

Finnsub Smart 1400. We will have the range of Finnsub torches in stock all December for you to see and play with.

Finnsub smart 1400

Finnsub smart 1400

Liquivision Xeo

Liquivision Xeo

Liquivision Xeo

Black D6i (get a free transmitter)

D6i Black

D6i Black

And of course there’s a whole range of small items from gloves to compasses. If you’d like to discuss your wishlist then just give us a call or drop us an email!


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